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Diarikom is written and produced by Nigel A. JAMES. Diarikom provides a broad-based multi-interest mixture of short stories, reviews, interviews, travel items, etc. In other words, something for everyone.

Diarikom is especially good for students of English. Being able to read and listen at the same time is a Diarikom plus.

Diarikom articles are sometimes graded according to levels of understanding. A for easy, B for intermediate, and C for regular English – and – most Diarikom articles provide language support.

Diarikom is a family friendly site.

Enjoy Diarikom and thank you for your interest! - Nigel A. JAMES

All Diarikom texts, photography, recordings, and art works are original.


Nigel A. JAMES

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A Miraculous Encounter

I heard the following story a long time ago. It's a story of miracle, luck, and good chance. And, it's a story that moved me. And, i...