High Wisdom

High Wisdom by Nigel A James

An Elephant all alone in Hong Kong is not as alone as an elephant in the Sahara!

If you had two mouths, you would be able to speak twice as much as you do!

Black shoes with white laces are the same as donkeys and mules.

A dog with no bone has nothing to hide!

Where there's a net, there's always a hole to slip through!

Morning light grows - later light fades.

There is no wall greater than silence.

The smell of a good book is the smell of adventure.

The people we meet are our milestones in life.

Just because you've never heard of it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

A bird that comes in from the north has just flown south to see us!

A singer with no voice at all should rather be a drummer instead.

A book full of wonderful words is no use at all if not even read!

Whatever we do, think or say, the future will  always take care of itself

You're just as much a part of the future as of the present because you're the past of the future.

A man only knows a new country when he's at home with its food!

Without a beginning, there can never be a good end!

Whilst lying on a beach, it is wise to remember, that the sea, now so far away and low – will surely rise again!

The longer that you dig a hole, the deeper it will surely become!

By looking in a mirror, you will never see yourself as others see you!

A snake in fancy dress, however beautiful and charming it may be, is still a snake!

A fish all alone is not fish and chips!

Whichever way you may turn a ladder, the top will always be at the top and the bottom at the bottom!

A house with no roof, will, when it rains, let in the cold and the wet!

You won't get far in your saddle if you haven't got a horse!

A Glass of wine in the hand is worth two grapes on the bush!

If you plant potatoes, then carrots won't grow!

Stones, when wet, are for slipping on, whilst stones that are hot are for burning your feet!

Goldfish bowls are places that are best avoided by worms!

If you never share your thoughts, then no one will ever know what you're thinking!

You only need to wash your dishes, if you have food to put on them!

An apple, once plucked, can never be put back on the tree!

If you only look out of the window, you will always see the world outside from the inside-out!

If you haven't got a shovel, then you can't dig for gold!

A cook with no heat is no cook at all!

To make coffee sweet, one has to add sugar!

A bottle of fine white wine, if left in the sun, will never be cool for good taste!

Butter, if left in the fridge, will never be soft enough to spread on your bread!

If you scatter seeds upon the ground, then birds will surely fly in!

If you never turn on your lamp, it will never shine in the dark!

It is better to be the one who is turning the wheel, than the one being turned!

An apple, however red and juicy it may be, is not a slice of Christmas cake!

Time, when gone into the new, will soon become, and very quickly, too, that which now is old!

A dinner for two is no longer a dinner for two when two more make the dinner for two a dinner for two times two!
Fish are for swimming, and birds are for flying, but, birds can't be fish and fish can't be birds!

A duckling cannot grow up to be a beautiful swan!

You will never get close to anyone unless you walk up to them!

If you're not being yourself, then, you are being that which you believe is that which somebody else wan!ts

If you are because of your past, remember, your present will be the past of that which is to come! 

However old you are now, you will always be 5 years younger than you will be in five years time!

It's hard enough to take off, but it's even harder to stay at the top!

There is nowhere you can go to, where you will never be!

Remember, above the dark fierce clouds, the sun is always shining!

whichever way a stream may flow, it will always end up at the sea

This summer will surely end, but, next summer will surely come, too!

You can only walk through a door once it is open!

Every room, no matter how big or how small, has 4 small corners of all the same size!

You can't make a milkshake without milking a cow!

A flower can only be what it is, a person, however, can change to be whatever he or she wishes!

You can't start a car unless you have the key!

You can only judge a man by the way that he is, not by the way that you think he is!

The only definite truth there is - is that there are no definite truths!


If you want to become rich, all you have to do is look for a rainbow!

Be careful! You don't know the future of the person you are talking to!

A dance is only as good as its music!

Time which is coming is always slower than time that has gone!

Your head is only as big as the block you want to put in it




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