Sunday, 9 May 2010

Alexandra Tuvic

Alexandra with Aramis - photo by Nigel A. JAMES


To the north of Lake Balaton in Hungary lies the little village of Alsöörs, and it is from there, whilst travelling down by road, that one gets one’s first impressionable view of the lake; and it is there in Alsöörs, on the right hand side of the road, that 12 year old Alexandra Tuvic lives.

Living in the country means a closeness with animals, and this applies more-so to Alexandra than to most other people. Her family has a riding school, and Alexandra has been riding since before she could walk: first a small pony, then a small horse, and now Aramis, a magnificent Haflinger. But a stable life isn’t only horses, it's dogs and cats as well.
Alexandra loves all animals, animals are her life, but it is for dogs that she feels the most. She understands them and they can understand her. She knows what they are thinking, it’s written in their eyes, and the wagging of their tails show her how happy they are. But, sadly, not all dogs are happy!

Dogs have the same depths of emotional wanting that we have, but without us they are lost. Dogs are totally dependant upon us, not only for food, love and shelter, but also for life itself; and, tragically, many a stray or lost dog has finished its life prematurely at a “last stop kennels”. Either no one had come forward to claim their dog, or no suitable new home had been found. And 14 days was all that they had! And one day, a couple of years ago at a nearby kennel, Alexandra looked into the eyes of those that were waiting to die, and she was saddened.

A big problem was money, and food in the kennel was short. Amazingly, Alexandra set about doing something about it. With the help of her parents and friends, she organized a flea market and raised lots of cash for lots of food. So successful was her first endeavour that this year will be her third, and her success has certainly made a very big difference.

Things have changed. The dogs in the kennel no longer have such sad and wanting eyes. Maybe it’s the food? Decent food, after all, does make a very big difference! And amazingly, fewer and fewer dogs are being put to sleep - and more and more are finding new homes!

What Alexandra started was an awareness of what was happening, and this in turn lead to happiness - and it’s still spreading.

Thanks to Alexandra’s vision, the eyes that once told of despair have now turned into stories of life as it should be!

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