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Erich Kreutzer

Erich Kreutzer - by Nigel A JAMES

Erich Kreutzer
A Paradise of Peace

Travelling is not only discovery, it is also a door into our very own hearts. And, when Erich Kreutzer went off into the world he found he had much more in common with strangers from far away places than ever thought possible! And when he discovered Hawaii for himself, he found more than just palm trees and tropical beaches, he found an ancient philosophy as well. One so simple and sensational, that, if applied and taken to heart, could provide a paradise of peace for us all! And, so it was that he went to work on a spiritual mission to inform! The curtain was about to go up on an ancient tradition, the Hawaiian and Polynesian wisdom of Huna.

His aim was a book. But books, especially ones involving ancient philosophies of good need very much research. And, to this end, coincidences certainly help. As Erich was studying in libraries, talking to people and travelling the world he made a discovery. Barack Obama was, whether knowingly or unknowingly, applying the Huna principles to his life and his work. Erich was no longer spiritually alone.

And Erich's book came to be and was published in 2013. And Barack Obama is the man upon whom it is based. This is not a political book as such, but, I'm sure it would not only be a great help for those in positions of power, but definitely the rest of us, too! Of course, there's a lot more to it, too. In it, Erich takes us with him on his journey of discovery. He takes us to the past, the future, and to where we are now without even knowing it!

This book is a door into a truth, and is worth every minute of the reading it takes! Enjoy it and digest it!

Erich J. Kreutzer's book is titled “Obama President & Kahuna”
Published by ikon. ISBN 978-3-99023-200-2

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