Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Short Essay - Heart Caring Words

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Some Heart Caring Thoughts - by Nigel A JAMES

There are very many people who travel through life without a care in the world. Every thing's fine. So, how does this work?

Firstly, these people have no problems at all. They have none because they don't look at problems as problems! Situations is all that they have. And, situations require action, attention, or nothing. If action is needed - it is taken; and, likewise, if nothing is needed, the whatever it is, is left to cool off and disappear on its own. People with problems always exaggerate. Many so-called problems have no importance at all.

Secondly, people without problems have no principals either. They have rules. Principles are nothing other than excuses – usually weak - to hide behind when trying to avoid things that are not very nice. Bernard Shaw, the great Irish writer, said that only people with no arguments had principles! He was right.

Thirdly, and most importantly, people who never have problems know how to talk to and listen to others. There is no situation that doesn't involve other people. Mostly, a simple expression of understanding is all that's required.

So, what can be done, and what can be learned from those who always come up with smiles on their faces? What sort of people are they?

In the main, they are people who very much like themselves. They are happy with that what they do. They're content.

So, the answer is happiness. Be fun and be happy. This is the meaning of life! If you don't like you're job – get a new one. If you're arrogant – change. We only live once. And, so does everyone else. Bad vibes are contagious. They are always upsetting and can also make people ill.

And, this, too, is important. Happy people are not only not often ill, they live much longer as well! Happiness is a very good thing! So, what can be done for those who are permanently miserable?

Leave them alone. To ignore them is clearly the right thing to do. Avoidance! And, if this doesn't work, then invite them out to go dancing. They will have a wonderful time. And, they, too, will be happy like you.

There are very many people who travel through life without a care in the world. Every thing's fine. So, how does this work? And, what sort of person are you?

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