Friday, 29 November 2013

Manuela Trestl

Daniela Trestl by Nigel A JAMES

The Power of Visual Beat!


The magic of good cooking depends on the feel of the kitchen, and, when kitchens turn sad they need help to bring back their smile. And, when Manuela Trestl discovered that it was music that was just the right note for fun once again at the stove, her life took a change for the better. And it was all thanks to her musical husband, Zeppelin!

Zeppelin loves the musical press, and, like most magazine readers his piles of unread and waiting for later lie growing in corners! Time, it seems, is always too short! And these piles would have grown up to the sky if Manuela hadn't discovered the treasures within them! Each magazine had something to offer, and all that was needed were scissors and glue!

And soon Manuela was cutting out pictures of instruments. Guitars, drums, trumpets and everything else that she liked, and all to play a new kind of role, and each in a leading position.

And so it was that Manuela created a brilliant collage where only colourless tiles had once shown in her kitchen. And the effect has been amazing. Everyone who enters her kitchen starts singing and tapping a song! Such is the power of visual beat!

And Manuela's cooking? It has now become better than ever. Whilst enjoying her meals, her family can feel the power of the blues, the twisting of rock and the deep moving movement of soul! There is a magic in pictures, and Manuela has brought it to life! Manuela's kitchen is back and so is its smile!

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