Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dorethea Nahler

Dorothea Nahler by Nigel A JAMES

The Invisible Obvious

Growing up by the side of a Corinthian lake was just the right place for photographer Dorothea Nahler. It not only provided impressions of ever changing beauty and currents of drifting emotional feelings, it gave her much more as well. It provided her with an eye for the seeing of the often invisible obvious. And this, in her future life was to become the main stay of her own special work. Photos of depth and outstanding simplicity.

Dorothea's path to photography was long and stretched over years. As a young girl, she thought and saw like a child and was keen to take snaps. And then, with the marching of time came family, and her time for herself became less. But her eyes were ever open, and her eyes were ever seeing, and her time was ever coming.

And then she discovered the power of creation in painting. At last, the stored up images in her head were beginning to become real upon canvass. And they were fine; but, her eye was still wanting, and so it was that her mind went back to her childhood photography, which, in its innocent way was the pureness and simplicity of her thinking; and the pictures of then were the same as her seeing of now! Her new camera was coming.

And her photographic style is true to her feelings. Dorothea doesn't alter her photos at all, she preferres instead to allow her pictures to speak for themselves, and the things that they show are mostly the common place items that are all too often overseen in everyday life.

Dorothea has become well known in Vienna, and her exhibitions have become events to be looked forward to. And, the good new is there are more on the way. The invisible obvious means more than we think, and Dorothea has opened it up!

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