Monday, 18 November 2013

Margeret Felder

Margeret Felder by Nigel A JAMES

Good News in Old Traditions

Once upon a time, Arnica used to be the most important mainstay in everyone's first aid box. There was no ailment, however minor or serious, that this miraculous liquid wonder was unable to tackle. It was an indispensable component of everyone's everyday life. But, that was then!

Now, there are very few people who either know it or use it! But, one of the few who still very much use it and believe in it is a lady I had tea with last week.

Margaret Felder grew up before the war in Poland, and, because of the ways of those times, she saw very much of her grandmother. And her grandmother was in medicine. And, in those days there was no difference between homeopathy and mainstream medicine, and, so it was that Margaret understood and experienced the healing powers of Arnica.

Arnica was not only the perfect remedy for the scratches and scrapes of everyday childhood life, but also the internal sore throats and stomach aches of adult excess! It was good for everything, and, when rubbed in, was an instant relief for all sorts of assorted aches and nasty complaints!

So, where is it now? The good news is that it hasn't completely passed into the past! It is still widely available, and Margaret Felder and her children are amongst those who wouldn't be without it! So what about you? Why not check it out? This flora based marvel could, too, become part of your first aid box!

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