Sunday, 18 July 2021

The Church of Mary Magdalena in Felsöörs


Felsöörs in Hungary lies in the Balaton uplands to the north of Lake Balaton. And, Felsöörs has an interesting church. The Church of Mary Magdalena. And, this beautiful church is not only Hungary's second oldest church, it is also a Romanesque gem.

The Church of Mary Magdalena goes back more than 500 years. In its time, this church of great beauty and strength has survived periods of war, periods of light, very dark times, invasions and even one or two fires. And, the Church of Mary Magdalena in Felsöörs has an interesting story as well.

A secret tunnel used to run from the church to an airfield in a clearing nearby. And, from there, resistance fighters were flown out to safety by the British in the Second World War. A wonderful story. But, sadly, no traces remain of this life saving tunnel that really did have a light at its end.

And, the church of Mary Magdalena in Felsöörs in the Balaton uplands has more than just stories. It has wonderful murals as well. Wall paintings of ancient importance with feelings of mystery and comfort. Mary Magdalena's a church to feel good in. 500 years of beauty and peace. Romanesque beauty.

The Church of Mary Magdalene is easy to find. When you're next in the Balaton Uplands, stop off at Felsöörs and go into the church. It's well worth a visit. And, if you're lucky, you may even catch one of the many fine concerts that are put on in this church. Its acoustics are great.

The Church of Mary Magdalena in Felsöörs. A picturesque church with feelings of peace that are set in the feelings of ancient belief.

Felsöörs - a picturesque village in the Balaton uplands.

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