Sunday, 5 September 2021

The 49er


The 49er is a small café in Vienna.  It's where the 49 tram goes back into town. And, this little 49er has stories to tell.

Last week, Liselotte Konrad, a regular 49er, told me the following story.  

It had just gone 11 when the old lady walked in. She wasn't alone. Behind her and slow was her very old dog. Could she  leave her dog in the café. Just for a while. Only 10 minutes. The waiter agreed. The old lady left her very old dog in a corner. It soon fell asleep.

The discussion that started was hot. A hot as the day. The regulars had all reached the age of knowing much better than everyone else. The old lady shouldn't be trusted. It was her trick to get rid of the dog. The old lady would never come back. And, just look at it. Filthy dirty old dog. Never been washed. And, it stinks! Disgusting. And, so the discussion continued.

Ten minutes later the old lady returned. There was silence. Lots of red faces. The old lady took a seat by the window.  The waiter soon brought the old lady her order. Chocolate cake, whipped cream, and a coffee. The waiter  told the old lady  her dog had been perfect. No trouble at all. In fact, a very nice dog. No one disagreed. Everyone smiled. All very friendly. 

The old lady paid with a generous tip. She then walked out of the café, over the tracks, got on the tram, and went back to town.

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