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Dorethea Nahler - The Spirit of Man

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Dorethea Nahler by Nigel A JAMES

Dorethea Nahler
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The Spirit of Man

Good photos are special because of the time that they give us. They allow us the luxury of seeing through the eyes of somebody else, and they give us the pleasure of stepping into feelings and places that we would never normally see. And, Dorothea Nahler's latest exhibition is not only a collection of worlds, but elements, too!

Cleverly using the elements of water, energy and air, Dorothea has brilliantly produced a series of pictures. And, they are not only special, but inviting as well. And, the best one can do is to follow the pull of these photos, climb inside and wander around and experience the energy they offer. And, of course, energy is water and water is life. And, whether flowing or snow, there's plenty to see in Dorothea's pictures. And, one has to go with the current!

And, the current of the Donau Kanal which flows through the heart of Vienna is very much a part of my favourite picture. There's a ship, there's water, And a promenade with people and graffiti. In other words, a picture of full pulsating urban Viennese life. And this is our element. We are life. And, this is Dorothea's speciality.

And, her work isn't only people. She's also a master in the art of still life photography as well. But, whatever her subjects, be they the mountains of her childhood in Styria or the streets of Vienna, she has an eye for that which is good, and that's why her pictures are great. They are the spirit of man!

If you are in Vienna, take some time out and visit Dorothea's exhibition. It's on at the VHS in Hietzing. But, please hurry – there's not much time left! Full details,-

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